About AFO Capital

AFO Capital is a single family office private investment firm. Its Principal makes investments in owner-operated businesses, management teams, and proven funds that can proficiently put capital to work and yield a favorable rate of return.

AFO Capital’s disciplined and institutional approach to its investment management produces lasting value. Its focus and support fills a gap in the underserved segments of the lower middle market. AFO Capital invests $1 million to $5 million in junior capital and structured equity supporting growing businesses, their owner-operators and management teams.

AFO Capital does not make investments in early-stage companies, energy and real estate.


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Paramount Experience

AFO Capital’s Principal brings significant investment experience having lead and managed over 200 transactions with total transaction value in excess of $10 billion.



Unlike other capital providers who have investment committees burdened by layers of red tape, AFO’s decision-making culture delivers quick, real-time decisive feedback.


Flexible Underwriting

AFO Capital crafts tailored solutions bringing both art and science to capital structure. It has the ability to blend the best attributes of all tranches throughout the capital stack.


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1920 McKinney Ave, Suite 122
Dallas, TX 75201
Phone: 678.525.2538
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